1. Long-acting Protein Drug Development Technology

When a protein drug is fused with the Fc region of single chain antibodies, the in vivo half-life of the fusion protein is significantly extended.
Longer in vivo half-life of a drug leads to less frequent administration.
Unlike some protein drugs already in the market, our long-acting fusion protein drug is chemical-modification free and can be efficiently metabolized.
The chemical residue-free feature makes our product extremely ideal for chronic disease treatments.
Our highly prospective, competitive, and valuable long-acting technology platform can be broadly applied to the development of various categories of protein drugs.

2. Protein Drug Development Platform

The integrated upstream development and downstream manufacturing ability considerably shortens the development time and reduces the cost. The technologies include :
High-yield and stable cell line selection; serum-free suspended culture
Master cell banking
Animal cell fermentation process development and optimization
Protein purification process development
Protein analysis and QC process development and validation
Protein drug physical/chemical properties and bioactivity analysis
Virus removal validation experiment design
Pre-clinical animal toxicology and pharmacology test design
Clinical trial design and execution